Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The C. S. Walkingheart web site is now live!

And of course hefty changes are already needed...though not today. Here, however, is the link:

It has a looong way to go, but it's at least in a basic form now that you can wander around and poke at the little buttons to see the funky things they do. The site consists of an Overview (rather a "mission statement" for the DOPS series), and the philosophy behind all my books, which is to entertain and make one think. There's of course a Home page, and Pilothead Press and Sanderling Shores have pages with links to their respective imprint titles. Collin O'Daurc is so far a non-functioning link, as the book isn't due out until next year, possibly spring of 2015.

Again, this is about as basic an author site as you can get, although I certainly hope to refine it; there aren't any excerpts from the books yet, and the store hasn't been activated. Eventually, you'll be able to not only read samples but purchase the fully-formatted PDFs of all titles, with the print and of course Kindle versions of some titles being available from Amazon and other sources. Hardcover copies and box sets too will (hopefully) be offered, since most people prefer print over digital versions of my books.

I'll keep the blog updated as various additions to the web site take place; it was created in Adobe Muse and so has been incredibly easy so far to manage and publish. We'll see how easy it is to update!

For now, chau.