Thursday, August 28, 2014

IT'S ALIVE!!! (holler)

Well...I hope, anyway. The store is now functioning, supposedly. Needless to say, if anyone buys a PDF and the sucker doesn't download, or there are other problems, contact me at, or (grownups and kids' books, respectively).

For those of you interested in the ongoing nuts-and-bolts progress of this publishing odyssey, I used Adobe Muse CC 2014 to finish the web site (I originally used Muse CS6, which was replaced by Muse CC, and finally Muse CC 2014--note that they are NOT the same, and while you can open older Adobe program files such as those created in versions CS4, 5 or 6 with CC 2014, you cannot open files created in CC 2014 with older versions, including the most-recent CC. You must "save down" to the desired older format(s) IN CC 2014 in order to be able to access your most recent Adobe program files!)

Anyway, once the site itself was up, it was/is hosted by Adobe Business Catalyst; because I have an Adobe Cloud membership I get up to five free sites. The kicker is that if I wanted to turn it to a commerce site using BizCat, I'll probably end up paying fees for embedding a shopping cart, etc.. I don't want this, so I reviewed a number of set-up-your-own-store sites, like Shopify and Wazala, which you can either link to your store, or use their code and embed it directly (gaaah!). I chose Wazala because it's by far the simplest (pronounced "cheapest") and for a monthly fee I created a simple 3-page site which is in effect my Pilothead Press/Sanderling Shores store. As of this afternoon, the store has been taken out of demo-mode and is hopefully "live" so that you can download the PDFs offered there, all 7 of 'em so far (i.e., DOPS I thru V and 2 kids' books).

Thank you, by the way, you who have been giving me feedback on Shadow-Dogs; I had serious doubts about the book and had honestly not planned a sequel, but it looks as if I may continue the story after all.