Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Well, a couple things are in the works, to happen very soon, the most important being the gallery page in my store, where folk art will be for sale at low prices since these are quick and colorful scenes, primarily from DOPS. I have two 16X20s, scenes from Waraq, ready to go; they have to be photographed and uploaded. They'll be $250.00 USD each, which if you check on random artists' web sites, is a steal. I've been an internationally-collected artist, with works sold for thousands, but these are something new for me, quick and easy compositions where in some cases I've just taken the caps off the paint tubes and drawn directly on the canvas.

I don't particularly enjoy either creating art or being around artists; I'm more of a scientific bent, myself, for all that I'm a pro-illustrator. But it's a talent God has given me, and as such I use it and teach others how to do the same, since everyone DOES have the ability--if the can print your name, you can draw; if you can write your name legibly in cursive, you can illustrate. It's simply finding the method of learning how that works for you.

At any rate, as soon as I can, I'll be adding the gallery page to my web site, the store of which is now open for business. Bear in mind, though, that only PDFs are sold at this time, and you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your whatsit to read them.

The second thing is the cover for DOPS VI, Nightingale:

This is the mockup of the D6 front cover inset; there were several other designs, one of which I'll probably end up using farther on in the series since it's similar to the D1 cover.

But this lovely lad is Falco Lawrie, the third oldest Lawrie (Baron being the second, and Mar-Ti/Marten, called simply "Lawrie" or "Lor" by his friends, being the eldest). The girl is none other than Akele, and the two of them effectively have given Cass, Lawrie and Abel the boot off the cover-spot for the time being. Change is good, eh?

I'm not sure about who/what goes on the back cover yet; it may well be Anais, the fourth-oldest of the Lawries, and thought of as Falco's twin because they're physically very similar though she's about a year younger than he. But, I'll probably put Cass and Lor on there somewhere, since D6 heralds major developments/changes for them both. Abel is for the most cooling his heels, getting on Baron's nerves (of course) in D6, though he does get into some interesting scrapes...

After all, D6 is where the two storylines, Cass's and Abel's, finally converge!