Friday, January 16, 2015

Well, finally, after about 25 years of my saying I'd write it, Collin O'Daurc was written in little over 3 weeks. It's a shortie for me, 314 pages total, and a quick-read. You can plow through it in a couple of sittings. It's for sale as a paperback at Amazon, and the Kindle book is $2.99; you can get ePub at, and the fully illustrated/formatted PDF from me.

Collin predates DOPS by at least 8 years in concept, but I couldn't come up with a plot until I decided to make it short, silly, and funny. Whether it's also good is another matter; it's a definite departure from DOPS, but then, all my non-DOPS books are.

Here's the jacket for the paperback:

We'll see about a sequel; I did start one, Island Water, but no guarantees on a release date since March of the Spiny Lobsters, part of the same collection of children's picture books as Sally Lightfoot's Journey, has been underway illustration-wise for some time (the text, in verse like Sally, has been finished for some time). Also underway, of course, is D6 (aka DOPS VI, Nightingale) , which has a measly 168 pages so far...not a whole lot when you consider it's likely to become another whopper like D4 (Espiridion).

Well, that's all for now...I can't remember now if I've posted the tentative cover front cover design for Spiny; if I did, well, here it is again!